Royston Town Youth Committee

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We have a great team who volunteer their time to help our club run, please find a list below of Committee Members along with contact information

All of the Age group/Team Member contact information can be found on the individual pages.

Royston Town Youth Committee
Name Position Contact info
Simon Dobson President
Giles Parnwell Chair
Matthew Phillips Vice Chair
Simone Robinson Secretary
Matt Darby Welfare Officer
Lorna Webb Treasurer
Simone Robinson Head of Fundraising
David Miller Charter Standards Coordinator
Frankie Westoby League Secretary - Mid Herts
Frankie Westoby League Secretary - Cambs
Lorna Webb League Secretary - All Girls
Simone Robinson League Secretary - Crow League
Stuart Brennan Kit & Equipment
Roy Smith Development Officer
Matthew Phillips Development Officer
Giles Parnwell Development Officer
Kate Middleton Assistant Welfare Officer

Team Administrators

Team administrators
Team Name
UNDER 9 Tracy Durrant
UNDER 10 Michelle Long
UNDER 12 Crows Jessica Griffiths
UNDER 12 Colts/Falcons Michelle Long
UNDER 13 Crows Matt Darby
UNDER 14 Diamonds Frankie Westoby
UNDER 15 Michelle Courtney
UNDER 16 Crows Bee Marinkovic
UNDER 18 Eagles Simone Robinson
UNDER 18 Colts Simone Robinson
UNDER 11 Girls Giles Parnwell
UNDER 13 Girls Barry Smith
UNDER 14 Girls Giles Parnwell
UNDER 8 Simone Robinson
UNDER 9 Sarah Nash
UNDER 11 Falcons Angela Baulk
UNDER 14 Eagles Frankie Westoby
UNDER 16 Eagles Mark Brookes
UNDER 13 Eagles Paul Elton
UNDER 12 Eagles Nicola Miller
UNDER 7 Gemma Jeffrey

Team Managers / Coaches

Team Managers/Coaches
Team Name
UNDER 9 James Heslam
UNDER 9 Scott Nash
UNDER 12 Colts/Falcons Steve Smith
UNDER 9 Curtis Irish
UNDER 10 Mike Rogers
UNDER 10 Matt Rhodes
UNDER 11 Crows Guy Reynolds
UNDER 12 Crows Simon Griffiths
UNDER 12 Crows Damon Jacklin
UNDER 12 Colts/Falcons Phil Emmett
UNDER 12 Eagles Gary Miller
UNDER 12 Eagles Ian Murray
UNDER 13 Crows Matt Darby
UNDER 13 Crows Dan Shaw
UNDER 13 Eagles Paula Izod
UNDER 13 Eagles David Mallows
UNDER 14 Diamonds Gary Reid
UNDER 14 Diamonds Roy Smith
UNDER 15 Richard Courtney
UNDER 15 Ryan Harvey
UNDER 16 Crows Jason Nash
UNDER 16 Crows Kevin Green
UNDER 16 Eagles Richard Walley
UNDER 18 Eagles Roy Smith
UNDER 18 Eagles Kevin McGlynn
UNDER 18 Colts Andy Cook
UNDER 18 Colts Adam Foster
UNDER 11 Girls Giles Parnwell
UNDER 13 Girls Barry Smith
UNDER 14 Girls Giles Parnwell
UNDER 8 David Miller
UNDER 8 Lee Holmes
UNDER 8 Colin Saward
UNDER 10 Darren Keeling
UNDER 10 Kirsten Watts
UNDER 11 Eagles Steve Gadsby
UNDER 11 Colts Paul Middleton
UNDER 11 Falcons Danny Baulk
UNDER 16 Eagles Lee Ridings
UNDER 8 Joe Salerno
UNDER 14 Eagles Jonathan Evans
UNDER 11 Falcons Carl Green
UNDER 10 Wayne Dipple
UNDER 9 Andy Saines
UNDER 9 Steve Durrant
UNDER 8 Dave Friend
UNDER 8 Roy Smith
UNDER 7 Mike Phillips
UNDER 7 Neil MacLeod
UNDER 7 Anthony Buckle
UNDER 7 Louise O'Farrell
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