Club Development Plan

Royston Town Youth FC Development Pathway

Under 7s

Playing in the Royston Crow League


Dependant on Numbers, children will be split into 2 groups of 2 teams. Group 1 of better abled players who play equal time in games and are played in all positions, players are to be rotated within the 2 teams on a regular basis. The same with group 2.


Players also get rotated between teams 2 and 3 if ability allows. These changes are done through discussions between coaches and the clubs Development/Mentors.


Ideally start the season in paired divisions, moving to single divisions in preparation for the following season at the start of March fixtures.


Under 8s

Playing in the Royston Crow League.


Similar format to U7s although looking to create a strongest first team, still with players moving within teams as their ability allows. Position rotations still and equal playing time.


All player movements are through agreement of Development/Mentors for that age groups.


Under 9s

Playing in the Royston Crow League


Teams are all playing in the appropriate divisions for the abilities, players still able to move as ability allows


Under 10s – U12

Teams are now streamed for their ability. Strongest team will play in the Mid Herts leagues. Remaining teams are all development teams with players able to move within each team, players can also move up to strongest team with those that are struggling dropping into a development team. Equal playing time is still advised.

Development Teams are Royston Crow League or Cambs League


Under 13- U16

Teams are now running with first team moving into EJA league, with second strongest in the Mid Herts, if there are more than 2 then we have a third in the Crow league or Cambs Leagues.


EJA players will be coached 2 sessions per week, one with the teams coaches and a second with the clubs academy coaching sessions, team coaches are encouraged to be present at the academy sessions.

EJA playing fees will be higher than normal registration fees. These have yet to be set.


Players are still able to move within all teams, depending on their development and ability, including EJA teams




Under 16-U18

EJA players will be those that we put forward to play for RTFC midweek U18.


We would look for the coaches of the EJA teams to ideally be level 2 qualified wherever possible.


Academy coaching sessions will be 90 mins per week if time available and split into mixed age groups U13-U15, U16-U18. Players who show exceptional ability maybe encouraged to play up a year in games or at training.


We would hold open hold open trials before the start of each season for EJA teams,


All teams are agreed at the start of each year with all coaches of that age group and the Development/Mentor Officers.


All Parents will have these plans explained to them so they fully understand the clubs ethos, and also be informed of any potential movement within the teams.


ALL player movements at whatever age has to be discussed through the relevant coaches and the clubs development/Mentor officers prior to any parental discussions and player movement. 





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